2017 Spring Election

The ballots images for the 2017 Spring Election are contained in two zip files (accessed above). Each reporting unit has its own folder containing all the ballot images captured by the polling place tabulator on Election Day. The images are PDFs. They have no identifying voter information. They are randomly sorted and the date stamp pertains to the date the images were downloaded from Dane County’s election software.

USER NOTE: Along with the ballot images, the Dane County Clerk’s Office provides a pdf of unofficial election night results from the 2017 Spring Election (also accessed above). These are the results the voting equipment tabulated on Election Day.

The final, official canvass results posted on the Clerk’s Results webpage (as well as on Wisconsin Elections Commission’s website) also include counted provisional ballots and other small adjustments. These adjustments are not tallied by the voting equipment, rather through the County Board of Canvass process. It is very important that any ballot image audit results only be compared to the unofficial, election night results .