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Election and Voting Information

Recent Election Changes

PHOTO ID REQUIRED: Voters must show an acceptable photo ID at the polling place before a ballot will be provided. The address on the ID doesn’t have to be current.

Most absentee voters will have to provide a copy of their photo ID in order to receive the absentee ballot in the mail. However, there are also accommodations in the law for absentee voters who cannot make it to a polling place because they are indefinitely confined, or live in a nursing home or care facility. These voters do not need to show their photo ID. For more information on photo ID and absentee voting, please see our Voter ID brochure.

Most people already have a photo ID that can be used for voting. For more information on what photo IDs are acceptable and on the process for obtaining a photo ID, see our website’s Photo ID page.

PROOF OF RESIDENCE: All people registering to vote must provide a Proof of Residence document. Voters may no longer use a corroborating witness as proof of residence. If you register by mail, in-person in your clerk’s office or at your polling place on Election Day, you need to provide a Proof of Residence document. If you register online through MyVote Wisconsin, the proof of residency requirement is met by the MyVote system matching information on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles. No additional form needs to be submitted in this case of online registration. Acceptable forms of proof of residence may be found on our website under Register to Vote.

SIGNING OF THE POLL BOOK: Voters are now required to sign the poll book before receiving a ballot. There is an exemption for voters who are unable to sign the poll book due to a disability.

REGISTRATION: Voter registration in the clerk’s office now ends the Friday before the election at 5 p.m. or close of business, whichever is later. You may still register at your polling location on election day by providing the proper proof of residence.

RESIDENCY LENGTH: You now must reside at your address for 28 consecutive days to be eligible to vote.

ABSENTEE VOTING: In-Person Absentee Voting dates and hours are set by individual municipalities. Please refer to the Dane County Directory for contact information of all municipal clerks in Dane County.